Stories from King’s Cross

In the course of my research for this book, I was privileged to meet some of the key campaigners who had fought for the area over many years: among them Norma Steel, Randal Keynes and Alec Forshaw.

King’s Cross is an area full of stories waiting to be told, and inevitably one book cannot do justice to them all. I am sure there will be others who have interesting stories to tell, and if so I would like to invite you to share them through this website.

Do get in touch if you have stories or photographs about King’s Cross which you would like to share.

You can contact me, Angela Inglis, Tel: 020 7387 9644
Or you can write a comment in the box below – please include your name and contact details.


2 Responses to Stories from King’s Cross

  1. Michael Parkes says:

    Hello Angela . I’m sorry I missed you first time round, but as you can imagine, I have stories and material on King’s Cross 1990 – 2005 which I would be more than happy to share : maybe second time around … :o)

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